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JackBrewerDaschaPolanco Ambassador Jack Brewer is a highly successful global business executive and philanthropist possessing a unique combination of expertise in the fields of global consulting, sports consulting, sports business, finance, foreign affairs and sustainable global economic development. Dascha Polanco is a famous American actress, philanthropist, and global entrepreneur. The Hope Centre is overwhelmed by their visit, we are so grateful to have them share their lives with our children. It was a memorable moment to say the least. Thank you Jack Brewer and thank you Dascha Polanco! See what Dascha Polanco and Jack Brewer have to say about their trip: Dascha Polanco and Jack Brewer

Hope Centre Missions Team

Thank you to the Hope Centre Missions Team who gave their hearts to serve the children. We hope that you learned so much of what it means to have a servant’s heart like Christ and had the opportunity to be His hands and His feet. We look forward to more Missions Adventures in the near future. Until then let us savor a mission well done! Watch some of the videos we captured on our mission as the Hope Center Missions Team served the children a nutritious meal and the children decided to sing together. It was splendid! Thank You Hope Center Missions Team!