Gesner Faustin The Director of Hope Centre Delmas
Tony Palmisano has been involved in missions since 1983 when he lived in the country of Belize.  In his 30 years of ministry, he has pioneered a church that he pastored for 20 years, taught the Bible, been a prison minister, a leader and a helper to many groups of people.  In 1992, he made his first trip to Cite-Soleil, Haiti, and he immediately sensed that there was something he was going do there.  In the 22 years of going back to Haiti, he attempted to find a way to help the children in one of the most dangerous, violent and impoverished places in the world, but each time his efforts were to no avail. However, in October 2014, things came together as God connected him with a young Haitian leader, Dorcilien Mercidieu, with a passion to help his own people, but no ability to see his dreams become a reality.  Through hundreds of hours of phone calls and text messages, things began to come together and The Hope Centre officially opened in April 2015.  With Tony overseeing the day-to-day operations through text, google-translate and a young assistant in Haiti, Eslor Liberis, communication is constant throughout the day and night with Dorcilien.  Thus, The Hope Centre now houses 40 children, a staff of 8 and 3 full time volunteers under the direction of Dorcilien."The most significant thing I've ever done in my life has been taking these 40 children off the streets, out of the slum and give them a place to belong.  Things we take for granted (food, clean water, a mattress, human touch and someone to care for us) were never experienced by these children until they moved into The Hope Centre.  I pray that people will join us in helping to add many more children and more facilities over the next few years"  ~ Pastor Tony PalmisanoThe children range in ages from 4 through 10 years old.
  • Ninety Percent (90%) of monies donated go directly to the care of the children

  • While ten percent (10%) going to administration and fees to operate.

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There are over 30,000 children under the age of 11 that are homeless and live fending for themselves in Cite-Soleil

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