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The Hope Center wants to give a huge thank you, for Project 418 continued support and passion to see the children at the Hope Centre grow and prosper. Project 418 is run by Jason and Suzei Povlich.

The couple own four Jet’s Pizza franchises. One is the restaurant located at 506 North Main St. in Chelsea along with three other franchises in Ohio. They have been using profits from their restaurants as well as their own money and the help of some friends to pay for the Hope Center that they helped found in Haiti earlier this year.

The couple, who has been married since 2001, has five children and lives in Chelsea. Suzei Povlich, whose parents worked in Haiti, made her first trip there in 2000.
“I felt an extreme calling when I went to Haiti,” said Suzei Povlich. “I wanted to go somewhere where my eyes would be opened, and I saw a need in Haiti.”
“We knew we wanted go back and to do something good for children,” said Jason Povlich, who says that Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. “In March of 2013 we made the first of a dozen trips to Haiti. We helped as many as a thousand individuals by participating in a community feedings, conducting leadership and business seminars as well as teaching English.”
The Hope Center is the name of the facility where the children live, attend school, and are trained vocationally. The Povlichs helped Pastor Tony and Greater Impact Foundation in establishing 46 children who were previously living on the streets of Cite Soleil, Haiti. The organization is still currently working within the day-to-day up-keep and education of these children.
The nonprofit’s name, Project 418, is rooted in the Bible that speaks to “set at liberty those whom are oppressed. Project 418 is faith-based, but we don’t proselytize,”said Jason Povlich. “I believe people will come to know Jesus and to come to know the purpose they were created for by our good work and the love we show them.”
“We consider ourselves ‘soulutionaries,’” said Jason Povlich.
In addition to the roughly 100 people the couple employs at their four pizza restaurants, they also employ 10 people in Haiti who work at the Hope Center. The Povlichs make frequent trips to Haiti throughout the year.
“I want to bring potential investors – people who want to commit their lives to bringing about change in the world,” said Jason Povlich, who says that he and Suzei share a passion for what they’re doing in Haiti. “You come back from Haiti a changed person. We want people to come and see if it’s for them.”
The Povlichs invite many to come to Haiti with them. Those who join them will be involved in educational activities at the Hope Center, will have the chance learn about Haiti’s culture in addition to participating in other projects.

It cost $10,000 to start Hope Center and now $4,000 a month to run it. There are 46 children living there, ages 4-12. The children receive food, an education and medical care, as well as a sense of belonging. Many of them arrived at the Hope Center without even a name. Currently, Project 418 is assisting the current Hope Centre in a $10,000 expansion to add an additional academic and vocational facility. Project 418 has also committed to help us with our new facility, the Hope Centre II in Delmas, Haiti, where children will receive the same care and education as in the Hope Centre. 50 Children will be taken from the slums of Cite, Soleil and moved into the Hope Centre II.
“Our goal is to provide and care for as many children as possible,” said Jason Povlich. “Democracy is taking root in Haiti. I believe what we’re doing will be long lasting, but we won’t see its effects for 20-25 years.”

I admire the faith, courage, and self-sacrifice the Povlichs at Project 418 display in helping me rescue these children from a life of poverty, equip them to be self-sufficient, and become the future leaders in helping us advance this mission. I pray God bless them in every way possible. Pastor Tony Palmisano.

Checkout their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page, or learn more about Project 418 by visiting their website here. Donate to Project 418 now.