Our Vision - The Hope Centre


To help shape a culture in Cite of Soleil which breaks the cycle of dependence and begging as a way of life and promotes a culture of SELF SUSTAINABILITY to both our children and surrounding communities.


To give hope to the orphan children of Haiti , by providing them with a better quality of life and by teaching and equipping them with knowledge and skills so that they are empowered to build a brighter future for themselves and their community.  

What we do

Save Lives
  • Orphan children are taken in off the streets of one of the poorest most dangerous slums in the world.
Trust God
  • All children are given the opportunity to learn about God, and learn that they are loved by God. Children attend a church service twice a week.
Share Love
  • We create a warm homelike environment in which children and staff build bonds and grow together.
Meet Needs
  • We believe it is important to meet the physical needs of our children including food, water, shelter, clothing vocational training, medical care and an opportunity to know God.
Educate Minds
  • We are striving to help children with Learning Disabilities to overcome their disability and become educated in a variety of ways.
  • Children receive academic education which includes the study of French, English and Creole.
Teach Skills
  • We provide vocational training, in carpentry, welding, plumbing, and masonry, and painting, tile setting and electrical. These skills are extremely valuable and will provide children the opportunity to earn three times the average wage.
Build Community
  • Children at The Hope Centre’s learn the importance of ownership, cooperation and hard work. They all have individual responsibilities and are taught how to work together as part of a team.

What’s Next

We plan to teach entrepreneurship, to sell what is made through the vocational training programs, and by providing services for pay in the community, we will increase revenue streams that lessen the need for donors and will eventually make The Hope Centres self sufficient. We also plan to provide job and internship opportunities for our children to join our staff as they mature and grow. We plan to continue to grow our network of partners/sponsors who share our passion and goals to help create positive change in this part of the world. In January 2017 we will begin teaching agriculture by taking some of our children to work with our gardeners who oversee 3 acres of crops. They will be planting many types of fruits and vegetables that will help to supplement our food supply.
  • Computer training planned to start in Mid January 2017
  • Music programs will begin in January 2017
  • We will launch a Welding Program in late February 2017
Currently looking for a building, a local pastor and funding to launch a church in Cite Soleil to reach the young men and women involved in a lifestyle yielding less than a quality life designed by God for them. We believe that these children are the Hope for the future. They have been rescued and prepared by God for Greatness to assist in building a better Haiti by demonstrating and teaching A lifestyle of Self Sustainability