Our mission, though it has multiple levels of it, is quit simple:

-To provide love, food, education and safety for children that have never experienced this before.

-To Ensure every child has much opportunity to know God

Heres how we plan on accomplishing that:

-Every child will attend church and will be taught by a part-time pastor on staff teaching at the Centre 2 times per week
-Provide Training for all staff throughout
-To have a system created by which Dorcilien and The Hope Centre staff can operate no longer needing day to day instruction.
-The Hope Centre to become and to teach self sufficiency
  • A) this is our vision. To create self sufficient centers that are funded by making furniture and other items, while creating jobs and providing services within the community. Very few people even hear my mission because all they see is poor kids they feel compassion for, and want to give toys and candy to. They never see children created by God with potential to change their nation for the better (it will take years but it will happen to some degree, I trust to a large degree!). Most see an orphanage only as a place to house, feed and clothe, but I see (an army of children that were tossed to the streets as trash, but rescued and prepared by God for GREATNESS). Carpentry, masonry, electrical, plumbing, painting, and more. They also receive academic education, food, clothing, medical care, and love.
  • B) to create and teach entrepreneurship by utilizing motorcycles, woven bracelets and other means to provide revenue streams that lessen the need for donors
-Once the model is improved and functionally soundly we hope begin to open More Hope Centre’s (1 in 2016, 2 in 2017)
-Effectively impact the community and see the community buy in and support what we are doing
-Create an environment of responsibility and hard work by children (having them learn responsibility and ownership (by serving the Centre in multiple capacities)
-To provide jobs and opportunities for some that join us as staff
-Our long term mission is  to help shape a culture in Cite-Soleil where begging is no longer the major way of life but creative enterprise and skills are used to provide resources for those that have grown up at the Hope Centre
-To have partners/sponsors with similar desire that will allow us to achieve all of this and more through their generosity toward the children
- To offer a Greater Quality of    Life to Children that desperately need our

There are over 30,000 children under the age of 11 that are homeless and live fending for themselves in Cite-Soleil

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