Posted Sunday October 25, 2015 by admin

We are preparing to celebrate our first Christmas at the Hope Centre in Haiti on December 4th. Most of us raised in the U.S think of children at Christmas time enjoying toys. While to some extent this holds true and our children will receive some toys but the need for a quality life is greater than getting toys. The needs we hope to meet this Christmas are: A playground set (swings, slide and climbing apparatus) is needed in order for the children to get proper muscle development and exercise as it is risky for the children to play outside the compound. This gift will benefit every child (2 choices $1,050 small less quality or $1450.00 larger better quality). A refrigerator is needed for health reasons; at this time food may sit out in 95 degrees for more than a day, therefore the risk of food illnesses will be reduced. $495.00 allows the centre to operate with healthy food handling systems. Currently, the staff operates with no transportation, so for $1295.00 we can purchase a motorcycle which is a common means of transportation. This will be a BIG DEAL to our staff and allow us to operate more efficiently. It will save many hours in an average work week for the staff who currently walks everywhere. In order to celebrate the Christmas holiday including food, the tree, and the trimmings for 67 people (children, staff, & volunteers) will cost $600.  There are many more things that are needed but I am asking hopefully that you will help us to make this a memorable day for the children of the Hope Centre as they celebrate their 1st Christmas being part of a family that loves them. Each of these items will be purchased in Haiti. You are welcome to provide pictures and videos of the children and staff displaying their gratitude. I ask for the children that you prayerfully consider helping us demonstrate God's love in a big way to children that have been forgotten and unvalued by most, but not by our Heavenly Father and not by us. Thank You Tony Palmisano - Founder and Love of the Hope Centre